I Love Getting to Know My New Friend and His Pet Online

I was trolling around the main social network site that I log in on a couple of months ago and learned about a man who jumped into an icy lake to save a kitten. The article pointed out that the many had an account on that same site and linked to his account. I reached out to commend him for what he did and we became fast friends. Now, every day, I use the Hotmail account login I’ve had for years to check for messages from him. We love to talk about so many things, especially the kitten he saved!

The story originally stated that the man that I reached out to lives in China. I remember thinking how great it would be to shake his hand, but being so far away from him in another country, I knew that contacting him to praise him would have to do. I was surprised when he replied back to me in perfect English. It turned out that he had gone to a university here in my country for four years before graduating and moving back to China. So, thanks to that, we can communicate with no problems.

I loved learning that my new friend decided to keep the small kitten that he rescued. He said that the temperature was icy cold that day, and the small kitty had wandered out onto the ice and fallen into the lake through a weak spot in the ice. My friend just happened to be walking to work when he hear the kitty’s cries. He said there is no way that he could have gone onto work without doing something to help. He send me photos often of his now adult cat. I love hearing all the stories and seeing the photographs. We are thinking that I should one day fly out to China to meet them both!

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My Husband Needs His Working Air

I can tolerate heat pretty well, but my husband absolutely cannot. We don’t even take vacations to the beach because it is just too hot for him there. When the AC in our house stopped working earlier last week, I thought he was going to have a panic attack! Okay, that might be an exaggeration, but I knew that we needed to get it fixed as quickly as possible. Thankfully, our days of trying to fix things ourselves are over, so we hired a professional who handles HVAC repair in NYC.

My husband works from our house, so I was hoping that we would be able to get an appointment that same day. I didn’t even care if we had to pay more for an emergency call, because it would have been worth it to get our air back on for him. The company that we hired did come out that same day, but there was no extra charge for it. That was the first thing they did that put them in our phone directory for future jobs. The person who came was very friendly and professional, and he also took care to not leave his tools laying around on the carpeting, which I also appreciated a lot.

He checked different things on the air conditioner, and it only took him a few minutes to figure out what the problem was. He had the part he needed in his work van, since they had asked what kind of unit we had before they dispatched him to our house. He had it fixed in less than an hour, and the bill was so much lower than either of us expected. I know we will not need to buy a new air conditioner for a long time, but they are the ones who will get our business when we need to.

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Finding the Right Company Secretary

I knew that we had to find a company secretary within the first six months of being incorporated, so I did not have a lot of wiggle room to make sure this was done in a timely manner. I figured the best way to find the company we wanted to use for this was to do an online search for corporate secretarial services. I knew that there were a number of companies that offer this type of service, but I also knew that not all of them are created equal.

I wanted to get a good look at some of the companies that came up in the search. I knew that if they were on the first page of a search, then they knew what they were doing, at least from an SEO standpoint. If a company is going to go through the trouble of that though, chances are they are worth a look. I looked at the top companies that came up on my search, and I was happy with what I saw with one in particular. VentureHaven, they spelled out in detail why they are the best company to perform these duties.

Of course, the other sites did the same, but not with the same expertise as VentureHaven. They are able to help in so many different areas, including the incorporation itself. I knew that we had six months to pick out a corporate secretary, but I did not see the need to wait that long or to drag it out. By bringing VentureHaven on board immediately, we would be able to benefit from their expertise in a number of different areas. It was very easy to get started with them, as they handled all of the details. I know we are in good hands with them, and the board agrees with me.

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CO2 Laser Used for Acne Treatment

I have been reading a bit about something that is called a CO2 fractional laser, which sounds kind of fancy, and confusing, but I guess the specifics of how the laser works is not really important to understanding what it is used for. I am not going to read the details of how the laser works, but rather I am mostly interested in its applications, and in particular, its ability to be used to get rid of acne scars.

That is of a lot of interest to me, because I have some fairly noticeable scarring on my face that is leftover from when I was a teenager, and suffered from constant outbreaks of acne. I had hoped that the scars would fade over time, but it has probably been at least 10 years since the last time that I had an outbreak of acne, and yet the scars are still here. They are fainter, to be sure, but not by a whole lot. So I am hopeful that this treatment is going to be the type of thing that can finally rid me of these scars, because I know that I would look a lot better, and thereby be more attractive to females, if I did not have acne scars on my face.

I have been reading about the results that people are getting from the laser treatment, and for the most part, it seems that they are pretty good results. At first, I was pretty hesitant about having a laser zapping my face, because just the word ‘laser’, sounds kind of scary. But I guess that they have been using lasers in different aspects of medicine for years, and this particular type of laser isn’t the sort of thing that is going to cut through your face or anything.

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Free Electricity at Night is Nice!

I wanted to look into my TXU Energy options. They are the company I felt was best when I first moved to Texas, and they are still my top choice. That did not mean I did not want to look at my options with TXU Energy to see if there were any other plans that were going to be better for me. I went to the website and looked at the different plans that they offer, and I was really impressed with one over most of the others. It is called Free Nights 12, and the name is extremely descriptive of what the plan offers to the people who sign up for it.

It basically allows people to have free electricity every night between the hours of eight in the evening to five in the morning. The price for kWh is a bit more, but it is definitely worth it if you use more electricity at night than you do in the day time. For me, it is a no brainer to go with this plan because of the hours that I work. I work at home, and I usually work overnight hours and sleep during the day.

I was able to tweak my hours a bit so I actually work between those hours, and that means I am able to use free electricity when I am using my power the most. When I am sleeping, I don’t use very much at all, so my electric bill is actually a lot lower than what I thought it would be by choosing this plan. I have told a few of my friends about this plan, and a couple of them have switched to it as well. It is hard not to when you realize how much money you can save by having it.

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I Get to Fish at the Lake on the Property of Where We Rent Our Apartment

One thing that turned me off of apartment hunting was all the time we had wasted looking at stinky apartments. If you have ever apartment hunted, you know what I mean. The landlords do not even care enough to get the smells of the last tenants out of the place. We smelled a cat in one, and some bad odor we could not even describe in another. Then we picked up an apartment guide for Hattiesburg MS and found some really nice apartments that also included a clubhouse, pool and theater.

I expected there to be something wrong with them. However, we were both very pleasantly surprised to find the places were exquisitely clean and smelled brand new. This place was so clean and new that we would not even have to vacuum the carpeting before placing the furniture. The kitchen was super clean. I think it was brand new. The rooms were spacious, and we could afford a place with two bedrooms and two separate bathrooms. Wow! This would be great for when any of our parents stay over, and especially if my brother-in-law comes to visit. After he uses a bathroom, I will not go in it for hours! Now he could have his own when he visits.

I was impressed that the apartment already has a refrigerator with icemaker, and it also has a washer and dryer. The other major appliances that are included are a dishwasher and a garbage disposal. On the grounds is also a clubhouse with a big swimming pool, and there is a lake where I plan to do some fishing. I stopped fishing a few years ago because it was too much of an effort to go on my days off being so far away from any good fishing spots. Now that lake out back is calling me!

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Recruiting Business Talent That is the Right Fit to Hit the Ground Running

We moved our offices out to the other side of the country. Some people went with us, and some people did not. We used the services of a San Francisco recruiter to get us top candidates for the positions that were opening up in our company. We made the move slowly so that anyone not going could get established somewhere else and so the people who were going could make the move. I wanted the company to be closer to where I grew up and where a majority of our customers lived. We have always been a West Coast company even though I actually started this business on the other side of the country.

The important thing for me in picking a San Francisco recruiter was to pick one that would not only get me great talent, but would also get me people with the right personality for the job. I was able to pull it off back east, but it was not easy. I actually found talent that had a West Coast mindset, but who actually grew up where it gets really, really frigid cold in the winter. The recruiting company I hired got me talent that had the same style of thinking and outlook on things that I, the CEO and chief bottle washer of the company, happened to have.

It is one thing to have to get through interviews to hire new talent. It is something else to also be weeding through personalities to find the right fit. There are many people out there that could fill the positions, but I needed people who would fit the personality profile of our company too. The recruiter hooked me up with talent that already looked at things the way I wanted them to look at things. Plus, I wanted outgoing and friendly people. No stuffed shirts. Now all of the positions are filled and we are running at full speed. No hangups or delays due to having personnel with a bad business fit with my company.

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Apartment Life with the Younger Crowd

Given the choice between the houses and the apartments in Denver, I would rather live in the apartments. The houses are fine, but the apartments look better to me, and they are closer to the heart of the city, where everything that I like to frequent is located. There is a restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner all day. They have the most amazing pancakes and omelets, and I’ve eaten them for dinner multiple times. Just the right amount of syrup on both is all you need to complete an already perfect meal. It’s much better than the chain restaurants.

At my apartment, there are a lot of young people, some of which who are college or graduate students. Younger people are more likely to have an apartment because they haven’t thought about a permanent residence yet. The older generation looks for something that they plan to live in for the rest of their lives, while the younger generation wants something that they can leave without a lot of hassle. They also want something without a lot of maintenance. In a home, you have to make sure everything is working properly and take care of a lawn, which an apartment doesn’t have.

The college students who live in the apartments like to have parties on the weekends, which can get a little loud sometimes. The younger the students, the more likely they are to have a party, Once they become older, they’ll grow out of that party mentality and spend their evenings in a more relaxed environment. Some of them will face this the hard way, when they start to drink too much and get a hang over that will lasts for hours with excruciating pain. The same thing happened to me in my freshman year, and it was enough.

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I Found an Apartment Complex That Allowed Me to Move in Immediately

Up until recently, I had been living with a roommate for about three years. It was been tough because the person I was living with is somewhat problematic, and the place where we lived together is her own home. Two weeks ago, she decided she no longer wanted a roommate and told me that I had 24 hours to move out. Panicked, I called friends and asked where I should look for a place to live. They named several places, including Alicante where two of them personally live now.

I had a hard time believing that I would be so lucky as to find a complex that would let me move in right away after being approved. But I also knew that I needed to get a move on and start making calls to some of the places that I was told about.

I have two small dogs, so I needed to make sure that the place I move into would allow dogs. For safety reasons, I wanted a place that had a gate around it. I also wanted to be assured that I could sign a flexible lease in case it was a place that I ended up not liking. I truly did not want to be stuck signing a lease for a year or more that I could not get out of, if necessary.

I ended up each of the other places I heard about, and Alicante was the only one that could fit all my needs on such a quick basis. They said they are fine with both of my dogs, their entire complex is gated and secure, and they even have short-term leases. The best news of all is that they said as long as my application was approved, they have two apartments that are available now, and I could move in immediately.

They approved me quickly, and I’m already in my new place. I love it. It’s affordable, peaceful, and no more crazy roommate! My new apartment is even nicer than the place I lived in previously.

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Taking a Step into Apartment Investing

I usually invest in homes, but I wanted to try something a little different for my next investment. I went to http://www.scottmountainbythebrook.com so that I could invest in some of their fine apartment complexes. The right complex can bring in a lot of people who want to rent rooms. It’s not just about the rooms in the complex, but the amenities as well. The amenities play a big part in making the complex look good before the potential residents even see the inside of the apartment. It’s similar to how a lawn can make or break a house before buyers see the inside of the house.

The complex had a pool and a fitness center, which were perfect amenities. People are all about staying healthy and exercising these days, so these two things would convince a lot of people to rent. Not only that, but kids love swimming pools as well, especially in the summer. Potential residents who have kids are likely to rent apartments that have more rooms, which can bring in more revenue. I had a chance to look at the apartments and they were excellent. They had a certain elegance about them that made them look luxurious.

If things go well with the complex, I’ll look into investing in some more. I think the apartments in this area are an untapped revenue for people who want to earn a lot of money from property investment. As long as the competition in this area is low, I can get a strong hold on the market and be the top investor. I might be able to bring some money back into the complex by adding some more things that the residents might be interested in seeing. Maybe they would like to have a childcare center or pet care center built.

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How DirecTV Makes It Easier for Us to Be Snowbirds

We have what is called a park model recreational vehicle that is pretty much permanently placed in an RV park down south. We pack up the car in early January and head on down when the weather is getting real bad back home. We can endure December, but January and February are too brutal for us. A couple of winters ago I followed a link that told me to click here for info on being able to watch all your favorite football games no matter what market they are in. I did it because we could not watch all of the games when we went south.The thing is that my wife and I like to follow our home team through the playoffs and into the big game of the year if they make it. We can only get all of the games on our DirecTV.

If we are home, then the local team’s games are aired on the local networks. If we are in our winter home, we see the games of the team down there. DirecTV lets us watch all of the games no matter what market they are playing in. This is a must have service for football fans who are snowbirds. We are getting some sun and enjoying warm weather when our friends, relatives and neighbors back home are shoveling snow and scraping ice off of windshields. We used to delay our leaving until after the playoffs or the big game if our team was playing. Now we can leave any time we want to go. If it starts to get too cold and snowy in November, we can pack up and leave then. We like to stay for Christmas, but we also like warm weather. Most often the warmer weather wins out and we pack up our clothes and satellite receiver box to head south.

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Getting a Good Deal on a Satellite System

So I have been looking at this and thinking about this idea that my friend from down the street has. He was telling me about this guy he knows who has a satellite system in his house and another one that he hooks up in his RV. Of course with this sort of deal you want to get the nice set up where you have the directv version of the DVR and you get the Directv channel guide, but he was pointing out that there is not much way for them to tell where the receivers are in these boxes. The idea he had was pretty simple. He and I both would get a satellite dish and put it on our roof. Then one of us would order the package. Of course you do it like this, you pay for the 20 dollars a month for the package. Then if you want the tv to work on another TV it costs you an extra five bucks a month to do it.

At the moment I have the TV hooked up in three rooms in my house, but I only really have to have two of them hooked up and beside I can probably fix it up so that I have plenty of ways to watch that third TV. It probably can be set up so it watches whatever is on one of the other sets. At any rate the idea is that we would not get the 20 dollar a month package, but one of us would get a nice package with a lot of things on it and then we would split it down the middle. So he was paying 25 dollars for it and so was I. I have to figure out what the fine printer would say on the deal.

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