Given the choice between the houses and the apartments in Denver, I would rather live in the apartments. The houses are fine, but the apartments look better to me, and they are closer to the heart of the city, where everything that I like to frequent is located. There is a restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner all day. They have the most amazing pancakes and omelets, and I’ve eaten them for dinner multiple times. Just the right amount of syrup on both is all you need to complete an already perfect meal. It’s much better than the chain restaurants.

At my apartment, there are a lot of young people, some of which who are college or graduate students. Younger people are more likely to have an apartment because they haven’t thought about a permanent residence yet. The older generation looks for something that they plan to live in for the rest of their lives, while the younger generation wants something that they can leave without a lot of hassle. They also want something without a lot of maintenance. In a home, you have to make sure everything is working properly and take care of a lawn, which an apartment doesn’t have.

The college students who live in the apartments like to have parties on the weekends, which can get a little loud sometimes. The younger the students, the more likely they are to have a party, Once they become older, they’ll grow out of that party mentality and spend their evenings in a more relaxed environment. Some of them will face this the hard way, when they start to drink too much and get a hang over that will lasts for hours with excruciating pain. The same thing happened to me in my freshman year, and it was enough.

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