I have been reading a bit about something that is called a CO2 fractional laser, which sounds kind of fancy, and confusing, but I guess the specifics of how the laser works is not really important to understanding what it is used for. I am not going to read the details of how the laser works, but rather I am mostly interested in its applications, and in particular, its ability to be used to get rid of acne scars.

That is of a lot of interest to me, because I have some fairly noticeable scarring on my face that is leftover from when I was a teenager, and suffered from constant outbreaks of acne. I had hoped that the scars would fade over time, but it has probably been at least 10 years since the last time that I had an outbreak of acne, and yet the scars are still here. They are fainter, to be sure, but not by a whole lot. So I am hopeful that this treatment is going to be the type of thing that can finally rid me of these scars, because I know that I would look a lot better, and thereby be more attractive to females, if I did not have acne scars on my face.

I have been reading about the results that people are getting from the laser treatment, and for the most part, it seems that they are pretty good results. At first, I was pretty hesitant about having a laser zapping my face, because just the word ‘laser’, sounds kind of scary. But I guess that they have been using lasers in different aspects of medicine for years, and this particular type of laser isn’t the sort of thing that is going to cut through your face or anything.

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