I knew that we had to find a company secretary within the first six months of being incorporated, so I did not have a lot of wiggle room to make sure this was done in a timely manner. I figured the best way to find the company we wanted to use for this was to do an online search for corporate secretarial services. I knew that there were a number of companies that offer this type of service, but I also knew that not all of them are created equal.

I wanted to get a good look at some of the companies that came up in the search. I knew that if they were on the first page of a search, then they knew what they were doing, at least from an SEO standpoint. If a company is going to go through the trouble of that though, chances are they are worth a look. I looked at the top companies that came up on my search, and I was happy with what I saw with one in particular. VentureHaven, they spelled out in detail why they are the best company to perform these duties.

Of course, the other sites did the same, but not with the same expertise as VentureHaven. They are able to help in so many different areas, including the incorporation itself. I knew that we had six months to pick out a corporate secretary, but I did not see the need to wait that long or to drag it out. By bringing VentureHaven on board immediately, we would be able to benefit from their expertise in a number of different areas. It was very easy to get started with them, as they handled all of the details. I know we are in good hands with them, and the board agrees with me.

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