So I have been looking at this and thinking about this idea that my friend from down the street has. He was telling me about this guy he knows who has a satellite system in his house and another one that he hooks up in his RV. Of course with this sort of deal you want to get the nice set up where you have the directv version of the DVR and you get the Directv channel guide, but he was pointing out that there is not much way for them to tell where the receivers are in these boxes. The idea he had was pretty simple. He and I both would get a satellite dish and put it on our roof. Then one of us would order the package. Of course you do it like this, you pay for the 20 dollars a month for the package. Then if you want the tv to work on another TV it costs you an extra five bucks a month to do it.

At the moment I have the TV hooked up in three rooms in my house, but I only really have to have two of them hooked up and beside I can probably fix it up so that I have plenty of ways to watch that third TV. It probably can be set up so it watches whatever is on one of the other sets. At any rate the idea is that we would not get the 20 dollar a month package, but one of us would get a nice package with a lot of things on it and then we would split it down the middle. So he was paying 25 dollars for it and so was I. I have to figure out what the fine printer would say on the deal.

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