We have what is called a park model recreational vehicle that is pretty much permanently placed in an RV park down south. We pack up the car in early January and head on down when the weather is getting real bad back home. We can endure December, but January and February are too brutal for us. A couple of winters ago I followed a link that told me to click here for info on being able to watch all your favorite football games no matter what market they are in. I did it because we could not watch all of the games when we went south.The thing is that my wife and I like to follow our home team through the playoffs and into the big game of the year if they make it. We can only get all of the games on our DirecTV.

If we are home, then the local team’s games are aired on the local networks. If we are in our winter home, we see the games of the team down there. DirecTV lets us watch all of the games no matter what market they are playing in. This is a must have service for football fans who are snowbirds. We are getting some sun and enjoying warm weather when our friends, relatives and neighbors back home are shoveling snow and scraping ice off of windshields. We used to delay our leaving until after the playoffs or the big game if our team was playing. Now we can leave any time we want to go. If it starts to get too cold and snowy in November, we can pack up and leave then. We like to stay for Christmas, but we also like warm weather. Most often the warmer weather wins out and we pack up our clothes and satellite receiver box to head south.

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