One thing that turned me off of apartment hunting was all the time we had wasted looking at stinky apartments. If you have ever apartment hunted, you know what I mean. The landlords do not even care enough to get the smells of the last tenants out of the place. We smelled a cat in one, and some bad odor we could not even describe in another. Then we picked up an apartment guide for Hattiesburg MS and found some really nice apartments that also included a clubhouse, pool and theater.

I expected there to be something wrong with them. However, we were both very pleasantly surprised to find the places were exquisitely clean and smelled brand new. This place was so clean and new that we would not even have to vacuum the carpeting before placing the furniture. The kitchen was super clean. I think it was brand new. The rooms were spacious, and we could afford a place with two bedrooms and two separate bathrooms. Wow! This would be great for when any of our parents stay over, and especially if my brother-in-law comes to visit. After he uses a bathroom, I will not go in it for hours! Now he could have his own when he visits.

I was impressed that the apartment already has a refrigerator with icemaker, and it also has a washer and dryer. The other major appliances that are included are a dishwasher and a garbage disposal. On the grounds is also a clubhouse with a big swimming pool, and there is a lake where I plan to do some fishing. I stopped fishing a few years ago because it was too much of an effort to go on my days off being so far away from any good fishing spots. Now that lake out back is calling me!

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