I was trolling around the main social network site that I log in on a couple of months ago and learned about a man who jumped into an icy lake to save a kitten. The article pointed out that the many had an account on that same site and linked to his account. I reached out to commend him for what he did and we became fast friends. Now, every day, I use the Hotmail account login I’ve had for years to check for messages from him. We love to talk about so many things, especially the kitten he saved!

The story originally stated that the man that I reached out to lives in China. I remember thinking how great it would be to shake his hand, but being so far away from him in another country, I knew that contacting him to praise him would have to do. I was surprised when he replied back to me in perfect English. It turned out that he had gone to a university here in my country for four years before graduating and moving back to China. So, thanks to that, we can communicate with no problems.

I loved learning that my new friend decided to keep the small kitten that he rescued. He said that the temperature was icy cold that day, and the small kitty had wandered out onto the ice and fallen into the lake through a weak spot in the ice. My friend just happened to be walking to work when he hear the kitty’s cries. He said there is no way that he could have gone onto work without doing something to help. He send me photos often of his now adult cat. I love hearing all the stories and seeing the photographs. We are thinking that I should one day fly out to China to meet them both!

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