We moved our offices out to the other side of the country. Some people went with us, and some people did not. We used the services of a San Francisco recruiter to get us top candidates for the positions that were opening up in our company. We made the move slowly so that anyone not going could get established somewhere else and so the people who were going could make the move. I wanted the company to be closer to where I grew up and where a majority of our customers lived. We have always been a West Coast company even though I actually started this business on the other side of the country.

The important thing for me in picking a San Francisco recruiter was to pick one that would not only get me great talent, but would also get me people with the right personality for the job. I was able to pull it off back east, but it was not easy. I actually found talent that had a West Coast mindset, but who actually grew up where it gets really, really frigid cold in the winter. The recruiting company I hired got me talent that had the same style of thinking and outlook on things that I, the CEO and chief bottle washer of the company, happened to have.

It is one thing to have to get through interviews to hire new talent. It is something else to also be weeding through personalities to find the right fit. There are many people out there that could fill the positions, but I needed people who would fit the personality profile of our company too. The recruiter hooked me up with talent that already looked at things the way I wanted them to look at things. Plus, I wanted outgoing and friendly people. No stuffed shirts. Now all of the positions are filled and we are running at full speed. No hangups or delays due to having personnel with a bad business fit with my company.

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